Lesson 1: Affiliate Marketing Techniques And How To Use It To...

Lesson 1: Affiliate Marketing Techniques And How To Use It To Your Advantage


Affiliate marketing can become an income resource from the commissions earned by the promotion of products and services of a third party. Affiliate marketing is not very complex as many will think, once you know the basic steps. 

The primary process of affiliate marketing is registering as affiliate to send clients to the third part you will collaborate with and earn a commission rate with each referral. When the client purchases from the seller after being directed from your website, you will earn the agreed amount of commission e.g. 20% per sale. The process is tracked by a system with your assigned referral/affiliate id and your performance.

Note: Most affiliate systems will give you instructions on how to register and activate your affiliate account and links. This may include for example the ways you can insert the links to your website or blog.

The ways and commission level varies from one seller to another and it would be wise in this case to go through carefully all the info and terms of your affiliate collaboration before you offer your time and money promoting their products or services.

Some sellers will provide these affiliate systems directly from their own pages, while others operate mainly from big affiliate platforms like:





Commission Junction




You can also promote products from mega companies like Amazon:


These affiliate networks offer various diverse products, which makes it easy to chose the type of products you want to focus on. The payment structures also are different, it is important you fully understand how you will be paid. 

For example on JVzoo you can earn anywhere from 10-100% of the sale. The average is 50% per sale. Sometimes the vendors (seller) will pay you instantly and other times you have to wait because they can set their own terms. Your payments are directly deposited into your PayPal account or which ever payment method you use. 

It in important to get a PayPal account because many affiliate programs have the option to pay out through them which will give you faster access to your earnings. It’s free, easy and very handy. 

Here is the info and sign up link:


On bigger networks like ClickBank and Amazon, you are paid according to their thresholds and schedules. This means that you have to make a certain amount before you get your check or earnings. 

With large networks like Amazon, your payment will start of low and increase with sales volume, which means you have to sell a lot to get a big pay check. 

With individual websites the product owner decide the commission structure and payment plan, thats why it’s important you comprehend their terms and conditions, if you are unsure about anything ask before you become an affiliate.  

If you decide to promote products from an individual website or an affiliate network thats up to you. With networks you are protection as far as payment is concerned. Although, a lot of privately owned websites offer considerate amount of benefits to affiliates. 

For best results a mixture of different networks and websites is best because it brings in different revenue streams for your business.   

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