Lesson 2: Basic Strategies To Efficient Affiliate Marketing and Maximising Online Income

Lesson 2: Basic Strategies To Efficient Affiliate Marketing and Maximising Online Income


Affiliate marketers could earn up to 6 figure incomes online if they can utilise the system to their advantage.

This may sound a bit bizarre and challenging but some people have managed to make thousands a month solely from their affiliate programs—it’s like a virtual cash machine.

Of course, we are not talking about something that will take off miraculously overnight. You have to really bring in your time, effort, and even some cash in some cases to start generating real profits out of it. You will go through a lot of trial and error till you find the strategy that brings you the best results.

It may take some time before you start generating profits out of it and don’t be worried if you don’t start earning right away. You have to take small steps before you make it big. Even something as small as a single link clicked could bring a step closer to real profitability. If you keep trying, you will eventually reach the success you want.

When you begin the process of affiliate marketing, you should pick a specific market/niche that interests you and promote affiliate programs around this niche. It’s suggested here that you pick one or very few niches as working with too many niches might make you lose your energy and focus for each.  For starters, it would be wise first to start with a single niche. Seek out affiliate systems that appeal to you and offer the most rewarding terms. Carefully examine the sellers terms as well as the quality and profitability of their products and services. It will be hard to start making cash for products that do not offer any value to the target consumer.

It would also be much more profitable for you to seek affiliate systems that have recurring commissions that come for their products and services through payouts that occur in a monthly basis e.g. 50%  commission payout every month. You have the potential to earn and accumulate vast amounts of passive earnings with these kind of programs. Membership types of websites offer such privileges to help you get started.

A number of affiliate marketers for instance develop a website or multiple websites around their selected market/niche with continuous uploading of quality content, reviews, suggestions, etc concerning that market.

If you choose to follow this system, remember to develop content and links centred around that niche so your visitors can easily click on your affiliate links with no distractions. Content marketing is very important here as this is the “juice” that will make visitors interested in clicking your affiliate links.

You can start by researching the niche in Google and major search engines e.g. “weight loss” and a list of sites will appear on the results. Most of these sites offer affiliate programs so there is a good chance you will find the program that suits you best.