Lesson 5: The Patience Of Waiting For Your Earnings To Accumulate

Lesson 5: The Patience Of Waiting For Your Earnings To Accumulate


As a matter of fact, the vast majority don’t rush to buy a product or service as soon as they check out your site or ad.  In most cases, they go through multiple steps before finally deciding to make a purchase.

This why you should make an effort to gather as much relevant info you can from your visitors and social media followers or people that make a purchase through your affiliate links. Once you acquire a list of contacts, it would be much easier to promote material to them. This can be done in various different ways e.g. through subscription in a newsletter or by using a contact form and auto-responder.

A good way to make prospective customers sign up to your  e-mails list, is by offering them free samples and info on your product or service relevant to the niche. These could be product samples, guides, short reports, system downloads, webinar access, etc.

By interacting with these contacts, you’ll get the chance to establish rewarding relationships of trust with your potential clients. And if you win their trust as mentioned in previous chapters, they will be more willing to click on your affiliate link and make a purchase.

The key to affiliate success is to offer both your visitors valuable information that interests them and using a professional sales pitch. If you are consistent with your e-mail marketing efforts, you will build rapport with your readers and they will most likely respond better.

Prior we end this part we would like to briefly mention some key strategies that will get you closer towards affiliate success: “affiliate cloaking/masking” and “campaign tracking”. The first is a procedure that shortens the length of your affiliate link to improve its appearance and make it easier for the visitors to click on it. This would also protect you from any hijacking of your affiliate identity.

You can do this in many different ways. If you are using WordPress, there is a special plugin for this purpose named “Pretty link” which allows you to cloack, mask, monitor, manage, and share your links easily.

You could also alternatively use free link cloackers/maskers available online like for example Ghost Url. These can do the basic job for free but some sites offer advanced services for a specific fee.

Last but not least, you need to regularly check the performance of your affiliate websites and links—this will help you determine which things work and which don’t.  This will save you valuable time and money and make the necessary improvements to make your system work better for you. There are various link tracking tools for this with the most popular being Google analytics.

Some big affiliate platforms like JvZoo and Amazon are equipped with their own link tracking tools so you can easily check the performance of your campaigns from your account. I would suggested that you also use an external link tracker to verify your performance results or get additional insights, as these websites may be missing some elements. This will increase the accuracy and credibility of your resources and will also improve your results.

Best of luck in your affiliate ventures, and I hope this information has been helpful to you.