How To Be Disciplined when working from home

How To Be Disciplined when working from home

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It is everyones dream to work from home, right? Relaxing and having morning coffee in the comfort of your home while you check your email and doing your job. But, if you lack the discipline and focus you will soon find yourself falling behind.

When you tell your friends and family that you are self employed or working from home, their first thought would be wow I wish I could do that. What they don’t realise is that you need a lot of discipline to work from home.

The biggest setbacks to working from home is that it’s easy to put work to one side and concentrate with home life instead. You must learn to avoid this and take charge of your daily schedule.

Five Tips To Help You

1. Have a strong personality be organised and motivated. Take control, keep to schedule and manage your time as if you were at work or working in an office for someone else. Remember procrastination get you no where always do the task at hand.

2. Choose a time to start work and keep to it. Avoid all distractions. Don’t be idle on your computer as the saying goes, the idle mind is the devil workshop. Always be in control.

3. Make sure you have a work space, that puts you in a frame of mind to work. When you come to this area, you are ready for business and nothing else. Maintain your work space so as to focus on the tasks at hand.

4. Take a regular office brakes, employers are required to take breaks as well as a lunch period. Observing this at home also help with being more disciplined in your day. Use that time to relax, make personal phone calls before you resume working.

5. Set your task for each day. The last task for each business day should be to create the tasks for the next day. Come up with a list of business goals for the following day, which should keep you focused.

Working from home might seem like the dream job but it requires a lot of self control and dedication.